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Downloading Embedded images

To download multiple embedded images from an email in Outlook as separate JPG files, follow these steps: Open the email > Click on the File tab > Select Save As > Choose the location where you want to save the images. In the Save as type drop down menu, select Web page, HTML only. > Click on the Save button. The images will… Read More »

Dell Proximity Sensor.

Dell has added a feature on laptops that can make them act a bit strange. The proximity sensor watches you at all times. When you turn away it locks your PC. To turn this off go to Start Menu > Dell Optimizer > Proximity Sensor > Disable it.

Limiting Data Use on Cellular

To limit the use of cellular data you will want to set your connection to Metered. 1) From the Start menu open Settings (gear icon) > Click On Network & Internet 2) Locate your Wireless connection and click on Properties. 3) Find Metered connection and turn it on. Avoid the following: Installing  software updates Streaming Video Uploading files… Read More »

Searching in Outlook

To access the advanced search tool: Go to Search (Tab) > Search Tools > Advanced FindUse: AND, NOT, OR, <, >, =, operators (must be typed in all CAPS) to refine your search..

Vonage Fax

Setting up the account: Each user who will be using the fax needs to be added to the Vonage portal by the administrator. These people do not necessarily need to have assigned Vonage extensions, as the fax permissions are assigned using the person’s email address. Up to 6 users can be assigned permission to receive faxes as well… Read More »

Managing InDesign Versions

Adobe InDesign updates change the .indd file format, with each major release. Because of this, it is advisable for all team members to run the same version of the software and coordinate their transition to a new version. Users can manage the update process by: Open the Creative Cloud App Click the ellipsis next to the currently installed… Read More »

Microsoft 365 Username Change

When signing into Office 365 it is important to go to first. Here you can download software, access cloud based apps, but more importantly, you will setup two-factor verification.

Microsoft 365 two-factor verification

Two-factor verification is more secure than just a password because it relies on two forms of authentication: Something you know, like your password. Something you have, like a phone or other device that you carry. The recommended options are: Verification code from Microsoft Authenticator app: You’ll use your app to get a verification code you’ll type into the… Read More »

OneDrive 101

OneDrive is your new cloud-shared storage directory that supports hundreds of file types. Access OneDrive: Go to and logon. Click on the “Waffle” icon at the top left > click on OneDrive. From this location, you can upload files, create folders and share information with coworkers and clients. is the most accessible place to set up… Read More »

Office 365 Sign in process

When signing into Office 365 it is important to go to first and sign in. Here you can download software, access cloud based apps, but more importantly, you will setup multi-factor authentication.

Username update

On your iOS device: 1) On iOS 14 go to Settings > Mail > Accounts On iOS 13 go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts 2) Tap on the email account you need to update > Tap Account at the top 3) Enter your new username > Done   On your PC: 1) If out of the office… Read More »

Microsoft Teams 101

Teams is a great tool for real-time collaboration.  It allows your office to call, chat and meet one place. Chats are persistent and can be secured to limit access.

Restore Missing Data

If your data is stored on a Windows server it is preserved for a limited time by a service called Shadow Copy. To access these files: Open File Explorer > Navigate to the original location of the data you want to recover. Right-click in the open space of the folder > choose Properties > Previous Versions (Tab) Select… Read More »

Multiple GPU Best Performance

Workstation class laptops usually have two GPUs. The onboard Intel integrated GPU and a dedicated NVIDIA  graphics card. When this is the case you need to make sure that your high-performance applications use the NVidia GPU, rather than the low-performance Intel integrated GPU. To ensure optimal application performance make the following adjustment:


Grammarly is a writing assistant that can spell-check your web-based content as you write. It can be loaded as a firefox browser plugin for free. It offers advanced functionality, with a monthly subscription, to evaluate your writing in the areas of tone, engagement, clarity, and grammar.

Newforma Tasks

Newforma has a task tracking and accountability feature that covers your team as well as external vendors on your projects. File attachment and markup, Mobile and web access are all built into the system.

Newforma Shared Folders

Did you know that you can use Newforma to share folders on the network with outside vendors and clients? Shared folders create an online space where internal and external team members can access and share project files. This has a number of advantages over products such as Dropbox (which is a violation of some client contracts). Key features … Read More »


OneNote is a virtual notebook, with incredible search capabilities, that synchronizes across all your devices and between multiple users in real time. A universal platform, it works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Online. Everything is stored as a separate element so markups can be removed, files or images can be saved or moved. Pages are a limitless… Read More »

Preview Panes

When a user has the preview pane turned on in Windows Explorer, they cannot rename or move files. This is because, unlike the thumbnails generated for photos, the OS does not release the current file after opening it and generating the image. The OS then falsely reports that the file is locked by someone for editing. The worst… Read More »

Dialog box keyboard shortcuts

Press this key To do this F4 Display the items in the active list. Ctrl + Tab Move forward through tabs. Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move back through tabs. Ctrl + number (number 1–9) Move to nth tab. Tab Move forward through options. Shift + Tab Move back through options. Alt + underlined letter Perform the command… Read More »

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Taskbar keyboard shortcuts Press this key To do this Shift + click a taskbar button Open an app or quickly open another instance of an app. Ctrl + Shift + click a taskbar button Open an app as an administrator. Shift + right-click a taskbar button Show the window menu for the app. Shift + right-click a grouped… Read More »

Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts

Press this key To do this Windows logo key  Open or close Start. Windows logo key  + A Open Action center. Windows logo key  + B Set focus in the notification area. Windows logo key  + C Open Cortana in listening mode. Notes This shortcut is turned off by default. To turn it on, select Start  > Settings  > Cortana, and turn on… Read More »

4K Monitors & TVs

Resolution Comparison 4K monitors are taking over, but there are a number of pitfalls when implementing them. Video cards: Even a lightweight card a NVidia Quadro NVS 295 (Passmark 103) will let you run at 4K resolution, but the PC is unusable. A more typical production card used by our architecture clients is the NVidia Quadro K2000 (Passmark 1672).… Read More »